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Moda Vero Elina Vero Moda Ecru Elina tBBUf Moda Vero Elina Vero Moda Ecru Elina tBBUf Moda Vero Elina Vero Moda Ecru Elina tBBUf Moda Vero Elina Vero Moda Ecru Elina tBBUf Moda Vero Elina Vero Moda Ecru Elina tBBUf Moda Vero Elina Vero Moda Ecru Elina tBBUf
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view: view_name {
  dimension: field_name {
     alias : Ecru Vero Moda Moda Elina Vero Elina [ old_field_name , old_field_name , ]


   Field Type

Possible Field Types

Dimension, Dimension Group, Measure, Filter, Parameter


A square-bracketed list of field names

The alias parameter provides alternative names for a field that might appear in the URL for a query. It can be useful in cases when field names in a model change, but you have pre-existing URLs to queries that you want to keep functioning.

The example below shows how you could change a field named count to the new name number_of_items, without breaking any existing queries that refer to count.

measure : number_of_items { # the new name
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Moda Vero Vero Elina Ecru Elina Moda alias : [ count ] # the old name
type : count

You can also provide multiple aliases, in case you rename a field multiple times. For example, if you renamed the above Vero Elina Moda Vero Elina Ecru Moda number_of_items field to number_of_order_items you could use:

measure : number_of_order_items { # the new name
alias : [ count , Moda Ecru Elina Vero Elina Moda Vero number_of_items ] # the old names
type : count

To use alias with a dimension group, change the dimension group name, not every field in the dimension group. For example, to rename the dimension group created_date to order_date:

dimension_group : order_date { # the new name
alias : [ created_date ] # the old name
type : time
timeframes : [ time , hour Vero Vero Ecru Moda Moda Elina Elina , date , week , month , year , hour_of_day , day_of_week , month_num , raw ]
sql : ${TABLE}.created_at ;;

Please note that alias is used only to keep URLs functioning. It should not be used when referencing fields in LookML. For example:

measure : number_of_items {
alias : [ count ]
type : count
measure : percent_items_sold {
sql : ${sold_items} / ${number_of_items} ;; # will work because there
type : number # is a measure named number_of_items
measure : percent_items_sold {
sql : ${sold_items} / ${count} ;; # will NOT work because you
type Moda Elina Ecru Vero Vero Moda Elina : number # should not use alias names in LookML

It's simple, we love everything about this Vero Moda jumper. Ideal for the cold weather, this jumper is comfortable and stylish. This design has our vote.
Composition :

   Acrylic : 49%

   Wool : 26%

   Polyester : 22%

   Elastane : 3%

Care advice :